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Exactly what I meant, a good sniper IS a PITA as far as the other team goes. I love watching them have to change plans on the fly once they sort out they've been shot at, and even more fun when you can tie them up for a while too. Some members will give the area a very wide walk around, almost a run, and leave a couple guys behind to try to take out the sniper (happened this past weekend actually, three guys stayed behind to deal with me while the rest of the small squad ran to the far side of the clearing and continued to move on. Took out one guy in that run, possibly two........... pretty sure I hit the first one I shot at and made them realize they were being sniped at, but my biggest problem of my location was small branches in the way of my rounds, out of maybe 6 shots fired, 3 of them hit branches about 15ft in front of me and went way off course. And before I was shot, I made them waste a pile of ammo in my direction, most of their shots were about 20ft to my right, and I was snuggled up behind a 14" cedar tree trunk. NOTE: Choose good cover before you take your first shot. Distance for me to them was about 120ft, I knew it was a suicide run for me unless they all ran away, but I made the right choice to find a thick tree with enough clearance to get a few rounds through the brush.)

Doing the sniper role is never a PITA, unless it ain't your cup o' tea. Personally, fucking with guy's heads by using camo and my rifle is my favourite thing about airsoft. All the rest is something to do in between 'fuck sessions'.
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