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Originally Posted by Lizander View Post
Coltfarmer: really?? My gun shoots 370 right now, and The dude told me It could shoot over 400fps after upgrading.
ColtFarmer was kidding... If you were to install internal TM mechbox parts (namely, the spring), then it would shoot 280, because that's what most stock TM guns shoot as a maximum (as per Japanese laws).

The Kraken is TM compatible. If you have any internal or exernal part you want to replace, replace it with a TM or compatible part. The only TM part you probably wouldn't want to use is the spring, since it would reduce your velocity pretty significantly.

And most fields have a 400 fps limit (soe allow 420, I believe). A 370 fps gun is more than enough to keep up. You don't need a higher velocity than that. My favourite gun is my M15A4 rifle, and it shoots at about 360. I wouldn't see myself ever upgrading it to get more velocity.
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