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I feel bad for Drache losing the $30, but do I want to see shootsoft go out of business...hell fucking no, we need all the retailers we can get. He was right for posting this publicly, its really his prerogative so he can do whatever he wants to do, especially if the admins advised him to.

Shootsoft has been good from what I've heard so far, and like someone said earlier, it is impossible to please everyone, so they fucked up? Big Whoop wanna fight about it?

I really appreciate what they are doing for the community, and I am sure from what was said here that they will learn from it and try to be more careful with their procedures etc.

So guys, instead of taking sides in this whole thing, let's just agree to take from this episode what we can, we do not want to run one of the few retailers out of business nor will we stand for shoddy service, Drache has said his piece and so has Shootsoft, now that it is public, it is entierely up to them to do something about it.
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