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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
I never wanted people to take sides.
But this is what happens with you bring mattters into the public. People are going to take sides.

I do have to agree with Brian. This shouldn't be in the review section. Right now, this is a trade dispute. The transaction has not finished. This should have been worked out between themselves. if he wanted to go public like he did, it should have been in the general section of the forums.

Originally Posted by bruce View Post
#1. Shootsoft made a mistake with the shipping and should have refunded the difference paid by Drache.

#2. Drache decided by himself to send the gun back by Xpresspost to avoid further delays for him to received the correct gun. Drache should be responible for the extra cost of Xpresspost shipping if Shootsoft did not ok this.

In the end, mistakes were made. Shootsoft should have another written store policy of using regular shipping for customers to use if they want to return something. And Yes, propper communication goes a long way to avoid mishaps.
Totally Agree
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