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You're correct Tys. It's also partly up to the buyer to be aware and not to just fork over the cash and hope for the best. I'm 100% in agreement with both you and McGuyver's post on the subject. It seems to me that Drache did do exactly that. Before money was sent, he had a lot of communication with LeGros and all terms were agreed on by both parties before money exchanged hands. And with the glowing reviews Shootsoft have received here to date, there was no reason to expect any problems.

Problems arose where Shootsoft were at fault, and it appears they decided to shirk their responsibilities and agreement with their client so they could save $20. And really, they weren't losing anything, since the actual shipping cost through Xpresspost was only $50. They were essentially making $20 profit on shipping charges in the first place.

And again, this thread about a negative experience is totally warranted and justified, because this is exactly what it was.
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