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I didn't say tolerate it...I was heading towards it's the buyers responsibility to inform themselves as much as they need to before purchasing.

My last purchase ended up over 1K. I probably bugged the shit out of the seller before I put a dime down (PM's and phone calls on the other hand relatively free or at least, proportionately to the amount of the purchase, insignificant). If the seller can put up with my questions, confirmations and can communicate crystal clearly...they're only half way there. The other half comes from references. References from persons that I know well, and the seller hasn't a clue that I'm asking. In the end, I know enough to have confidence in the seller (rep, real name, contact info, etc...)...or I don't buy from them.

90% for me so far has been local, face to face and test firing. Has it worked out everytime where both the seller/buyer and myself have been happy...well, actually yes, it has. Did I get the absolute lowest, rock bottom price...NO, but refer to the previous sentence.

Relating to the original I think that Drache is correct in fact, yes I do. He's free to post whatever he wants...just like everyone else.

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