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Agreed. I pretty much had a new one torn because I posted in a 007 thread that I'd tried for months to get in touch with Ken about buying a gun - email (both addresses), phone messages, and fax. Got no replies from any of them. Despite there being shitloads of people in that same thread complaining about non-delivered products, lack of communication, money oweing, etc, the 007 supporters were there in droves putting down the people with legitimate complaints, dismissing the complaints we had because Ken is a "nice guy" and "wouldn't do that to people". Well, despite their positive business experiences or knowing him personally, he DID to that to a fuckload of people too. Yet, everyone was villanizing the people for lodging legitimate complaints about service (or lack thereof). And I see the same thing in this thread.
Exactly, business is business, dismissing bad business practice because his the only store, a nice guy or you know his grandmother is not a good reason. Now I'm not suggesting picking up the torches and all, but good business practice can only reflect as positive on the business and employee's. Being treated like shit is not appreciated when your dishing out X amount of money for a product.

Let it be buying a box of Kleenex at the local convenient store, airsoft guns or a new car, is the business has bad business practices (for example being rude), they can go f*ck them self and ill take my money elsewhere OR nowhere. If your really that desperate and want X product and HAVE to deal with bad business practice, ok it happens, good luck and feel free to tell the world about your bad/good experience with w/e business!
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Yes it is hard to find an Instructor that teaches how to Finger, Suck, Squeeze and Blow all at the same time.

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