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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Hmm sorry but if we 'tolerate' shitty business practice it will only hurt us at the end.
Agreed. I pretty much had a new one torn because I posted in a 007 thread that I'd tried for months to get in touch with Ken about buying a gun - email (both addresses), phone messages, and fax. Got no replies from any of them. Despite there being shitloads of people in that same thread complaining about non-delivered products, lack of communication, money oweing, etc, the 007 supporters were there in droves putting down the people with legitimate complaints, dismissing the complaints we had because Ken is a "nice guy" and "wouldn't do that to people". Well, despite their positive business experiences or knowing him personally, he DID to that to a fuckload of people too. Yet, everyone was villanizing the people for lodging legitimate complaints about service (or lack thereof). And I see the same thing in this thread.
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