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Paintball is as stealthy as you make it, not everyone prances around dressed up like a tooth fairy, and not all PB guns run on CO2, my buddy had one that was rediculously quiet, it ran on compressed air, it would put an AEG to shame for noise. This was a bush ball game, so everyone for the most part was in camo. You can be found just as easily using an AEG as you could using a paintball gun, you don't see a blast of air with an AEG but you can determine pretty damned quickly where it came from just from sound. Sniper rifles not so much, but at any given time a tree would be the last place I ever set up or hide. But then again to each his own.

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Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.
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