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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
From the facts:
Drache Received wrong item (unclear if Drache was told by Shootsoft what method they want the gun shipped back by before he sent it back).

Paid for express shipping and was not given express shipping.

I'll have to side with Drache.
Exactly the point. In this situation, seeing as how the publicly PMs posted are not contested for their accuracy, I have to side with Drache too. He was charged a pretty ridiculous shipping fee in the first place for Xpresspost in order to receive the package quickly. Shootsoft messed up on the initial order, and that happens at times. I don't hold them at fault for that in the slightest. However, the replacement package was not shipped out promptly as promised (actually, was not shipped at all when he was told it HAD been shipped), and not sent Xpresspost. So basically, Drache paid for a service he did not receive, and has the right to a refund for the different he paid.

Shootsoft made an error in the initial order, which they freely admit to (damaged gun isnot even an issue here). They should be held responsible for error and eat the FULL cost of shipping the item back AND resending the correct item at their expense using the same shipping method Drache originally paid for. And the replacement item should have been shipped promptly, as it should have been considered an outstanding order and taken priority over any new orders received. Bullshit on the 20 day shipping that it "normally" takes. The original terms of the sale didn't state 20 days, therefore bringing that up as a defense for slow service is a moot point. End of story. There's no room for interpretation here. This is what good customer service should be.

The rather terse message Drache received in reply to his reasonable request was uncalled for, quite rude, and to me, showed poor business ethics. "We screwed up, we're refunding your return shipping, but sending the replacement via a slower, cheaper method at our convenience..." is not an acceptable resolution of this. As far as I'm concerned, Shootsoft owes Drache $20 and an apology.

And I see that the bandwagon defenders are always jumping into positive review threads adding their good experiences, but are the first to condemn someone for posting a review of a negative experience. How does that make for a fair review of any product or seller? You openly agree that any positive feedback can be posted, but don't agree that negative experiences should be shared. That doesn't make for a very useful review system. And conversely, there are shitloads of people who've had great experiences with, yet, since they sell clearsoft, everyone pipes in on bad reviews of their store, and outright ignore any positive experiences people had. Sounds like people are a little biased and don't like people sharing experiences that are contradictory to either their own experience or beliefs.

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