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Originally Posted by Cheesevillage View Post
Limited supply should not cause an instant double standard between buying airsoft and buying anything else.

Thank you for posting this, Drache.
Bingo. Give this man a cookie.

Now, I'm not necessarily commenting on Shootsoft here, as I haven't personally dealt with them. This is more of a general comment regarding all retailers compared to other businesses.

I seem to see this all the time when it comes to airsoft guns. People post of a legitimate bad experience with a retailer, and here come the flocks of people coming to the retailer's defense, blindly kissing their asses and stating how these people have lives, etc and we shouldn't be so hard on them because they're slow to respond, deliver, deliver incorrect products, ass-rape people on shipping charges then ship via the slowest, cheapest means possible. However, if these same people were buying, say, an item on eBay, they paid their money, and didn't get anything from the seller for weeks on end, they'd be fuming.

Business is business. I don't care if someone is selling clothes, electronics, cars, bikes, airsoft, or drugs. Retailers are in the business for one thing - MONEY. They are not out there doing us a favour. Limited supply of a product should not give the seller a right to screw people over, talk down to them, take advantage of them, etc. All you bandwagon defenders are doing is promoting an atmosphere of complacency, where retailers feel that because of either a reputation they've built in the past of due to a limited supply of the product they're selling that they can be lax and careless and get away with it. What happens in a competitive market when sellers get like that? People stop dealing with them and they go out of business for providing shitty service. That should be the same standard that any business is held to.

Again, this is nothing against Shootsoft at all. I've got no issues with them. Just a general observation.

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