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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Its no problem.. you feel fine about it.. so no issue..

all I know is if I was another seller on this site reading this... I would not consider doing business with you. You are a "Problem Customer"

Posts like this can cut 2 ways... Sure you have an issue over $30, Fine..

If your first go to is " I will post to the world that you ripped me off if you don't give me my $30" The undercurrent there is ... "give me my money or I will hurt you"

Which is likely not the best place to start in a negotiation... people will get their backs up... and some will simply dig in and not budge. Which seems to be where you are now.

The last position of the seller was "don't accept delivery of the gun I don't want to sell to you.. I will give you back all your money and we will walk away.

your reply was not "fair enough" it was "Screw you I'm going public"

It is your right to take whatever action you choose.. its a free country.. but you have to accept the ramifications of those actions.

In this case.. I expect it is one less retailer that will do business with you..
Brian he didn't offer me a "dont accept the gun and get a full refund" until after I told him I would post this publicaly. And Brian I didn't say give me my money back or else. I asked for the refund and he sent me that rude PM. I then replied that I was sorry but I am going to have to post this publicaly. Maybe you should learn to read before making me out to be an asshole who only wants money stolen from him.

Besides, why would I return the gun once it FINALLY reached my door after a month and only get refunded the price of the gun minus all shipping costs? I'd be out even MORE money.


There is allot of discussion about how this is just bad luck/timing, miscommunication, etc so I am posting this to clear things up! Im not mad about the gun being shipped late, I am mad that LeGROS charged my $70 to ship this gun Xpresspost, then proceeded to ship it Regular Post (which he only charges $40). When I asked for a refund on the extra shipping I paid he pretty much told me a big "F'off" on ever getting a refund on my shipping

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