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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Installed a CA metal cocking tube / front end on it. Wow. Does it ever add a substantial weight to the gun. The CA front end without without any issue or any mods required. I highly recommend this upgrade for anyone that wants to add a touch of realism to their gun. Now looking for a metal upper receiver to complete the gun.
Did the mod on my side, also with the Metal Upper Receiver.

So, the MP5 is now all reel steel (and plastic where it should). With front RAS section. Is the RAS configuration use in real world? LAPD I think use the RAS on the MP5?

I use the CYMA RAS for the metal outer barrel, and it was painfull to make it fit on the metal upper body (from JG). Beware, it require lot of cutting and filling.

Now, I m looking for the foward hand grip from JG (which can hold a 8.4V battery). It would appear that you cannot buy this part on the market alone...

Anyone know where I could find it?

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