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I figured I'd give you all a little update in terms of durability. I did a crapload of shooting with it over the weekend - about 5000 rounds. Still working nice and smooth. Although one of these days, I'm going to crack the mechbox open to check for any wear, lube problems, etc, since the gun is totally stock and has never been opened...

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Also, is the box mag a sound controlled? or does it require a pressure switch to autofeed?
The box mag has 2 modes, consinuous feed (to initially wind up the mag), and sound activation for use while shooting. Works flawlessly.

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Also I've seen a lot of talk bout what size battery this will take. A LARGE TYPE WILL FIT albeit it real snug..I run a 9.6 3300mah large in mine. I've also used a 9.6 2200mah nunchuck with no problems at all.
I tried to fit an 8.4V large battery and I couldn't get it in my stock. Maybe I just didn't 'work it' enough to get it in there too, but my initial attempt was a failiure. I'm actually considering rewiting it to the front. I know I can't easily fit an 8.4V larger battery in the lower hand guard, and maybe even be able to fit a 9.6V in there. I'd love to throw in one of my 9.6V 3800 mAh batteries in there.

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well im glad you like my old gun crunchmeister very good review yup shes made in china and is very comparable to the c9 as i use at work
I like it very much. Even if I never field it (although I'd like to), I always wanted one for my collection. We both ended up with that we wanted with this trade. Thanks again.

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Do I hear Star Craft in the background of your video Crunch?
Yeah, my son loves Starcraft. You can hear either Starcraft, Dawn of War, or Star Wars: Empire at War in the background of pretty much any video I shoot at home... And occasionally, a bit of Counterstrike: Source or Team Fortress 2.

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