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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Drache.. you aren't getting my point i'm not telling you to suck it up, I'm saying that all this publicity is not improving the airsoft community in any way. If I were you, I would want my $30 back as well, but keep it to the PMs. Please, this situation is really not good for the health of canadian airsoft.

and I don't think he's ripped off 9 other people... this situation apparently only happened once up to this point...*cough*
First off I never SAID he's done this to anyone else, that was to get a point across. And obviously you haven't read past the first post because you would have read many times that this was kept into PM's until he refused to refund my money. At that point I told him Id post it in the open and he gave me the ok to do it. This is exactly what the admins have said to do before if you have a problem with a seller. I don't know how many more times I have to post that.....
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