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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Drache, All I am saying... Is many people seem far to quick to post minor issues in a public forum. Without concern for the possible ramifications.

We are talking about $30 here... and it seems likely that you could have sorted this out without raising a world wide cry of foul.

My point is not in defense of Shootsoft... my point is for people to not disregard the possible outcome of their actions before they press "post"
+1, I agree to the bones on this one.

I understand that you are upset about your $30, but you have to understand.

These bad reps are what eventually drives the retailer nuts and make them close down. LeGros manages shootsoft at his own time, and he does have a life too, and he doesn't need shootsoft to make a great deal of money probably.

If in return for running the only sizeable retailer in Canada gets him bad rep and bad business, he can close down his store any time he wishes.

It might be $30 for you, but all this publicity and impression you give is broadcasted to the rest of Canada. For the rest of us it's the last retailer in Canada, gone. This doesn't affect only you, but the entire airsoft population in Canada, yes, that includes me, you, and probably a few thousands other people all the way from the west coast to east coast.

I am not defending shootsoft, but I am defending Canadian Airsoft community as a whole.

And I really would like you to think about that for a minute.

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