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Originally Posted by ww2warrior View Post
You guys might want to consider that LeGros has a normal life too... Outside the world of Shootsoft and airsoft, he got a family, a job and more. Like everybody. Believe me, there's a lot of sacrifice you need to do to run a store as big as Shootsoft. Pretty easy to order something, wait and bitch after. And 3 refund on over 200 sales isn't that bad I think. People should not look at this incident and think that it happens on all transaction.

I think that stores like shootsoft keeps our sport alive. The least thing we can do is being grateful for this.

And Drache, I hope you'll have your refund cause this is only an exemple of bad communication and misundertanding. LeGros is not a bad man, I'm sure he'll fix things soon.
I understand that people have a life but I have owned my own store as well as managed stores. If you want a good business, business should come first, playtime later.

Don't expect people to be happy if you put their business on hold for almost two weeks and then refuse to refund a buyer when you overcharge them for a service.
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