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Originally Posted by Drache View Post

And by you saying that posting this is published slander and I could get into trouble, check the Better Business website. They have a list of "bad businesses".
Drache, All I am saying... Is many people seem far to quick to post minor issues in a public forum. Without concern for the possible ramifications.

We are talking about $30 here... and it seems likely that you could have sorted this out without raising a world wide cry of foul.

Legally... if they can show injury.. caused by you.. and illustrate that they made a good faith attempt to sort it out between you .... there is "potentially" a case for legal action because you published to the world words or statements that caused them that injury.

In practice this is not likely to happen... companies sueing their clients is not good for business .. even if they are right.

But it can and does happen.. But it can only happen if the evidence is there.. in public... and because of your action .. it is.

My point is not in defense of Shootsoft... my point is for people to not disregard the possible outcome of their actions before they press "post"
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