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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
this is not a review... a review is an unbiased appraisal ... this is a dispute that you chose to take public.

Frankly... your action seems malicious and you have defamed this business.

If I was a retailer on line... I would refuse to sell to you. Regardless if you are in the right or not... I just would not see any reason to take the chance.
This is my review right from the very beginning! Like I stated everything was fine until the very end and if LeGros had just said that they had "forgotten to ship the gun until three days ago and btw we accidently shipped it regular instead of xpresspost here is the extra money you paid for the Xpresspost shipping back" I would have thought nothing of it and done allot more business with them.

The ADMINS themselves told me one before Brian, that if I was having problems with a seller who wouldn't sort things out, that I should post it out in the open for everyone to read. I just did it in the best place for my "review of their service".

And frankly Brian you are admitting openly it seems that if someone charged you double for shipping an item that you wouldn't ask for your money back. I'm sure a few retailers on this site will take notice

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Drache do i understand this correctly:

You shipped it back expresspost for $50 (original expresspost to you was quoted at $70). Then they sent you the right gun via normal shipping and you felt you got ripped off since you originaly paid $70 for expresspost.


At the end it seems its a question of overpriced shipping. And to take into consideration those AEG SHOULD be shipped via expresspost to confirm with CP rules.

ShootSoft should reimburse you the $30 you paid to get the shipping upgraded to expresspost.
Yes that is all I wanted, was to be refunded the extra shipping I paid for originally! Nothing else mattered, I just posted the whole thing so people could see that I originally had good customer service and then things went to shit.
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