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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Yes mistakes DO happen and that's why I didn't post ANY of this until Christian sent me that rude PM!

A store should be responsible for the things they do!

I'm not going to ask for a trade dispute and Im certainly not going to contact anyone in the law, that would just stupid.

But like I said right before you posted, this is a review section! You don't expect all reviews to be good, read any review and it will have it's bad parts.
this is not a review... a review is an unbiased appraisal ... this is a dispute that you chose to take public.

Frankly... your action seems malicious and you have defamed this business.

If I was a retailer on line... I would refuse to sell to you. Regardless if you are in the right or not... I just would not see any reason to take the chance.
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