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Drache do i understand this correctly:

You shipped it back expresspost for $50 (original expresspost to you was quoted at $70). Then they sent you the right gun via normal shipping and you felt you got ripped off since you originaly paid $70 for expresspost.


At the end it seems its a question of overpriced shipping. And to take into consideration those AEG SHOULD be shipped via expresspost to confirm with CP rules.

ShootSoft should reimburse you the $30 you paid to get the shipping upgraded to expresspost.

But thats just my lill say.

Oh and everyone whinning about 'ohhh they will run out of business, blablabla', stfu seriously or shootsoft will turn into another Mark/007 with stupididly high prices and poor business practice. Drache has 100% the right to review HIS experienced with ShootSoft.

ShootSoft/LeGros, keep up the good business (and great prices), you did your best to please Drache, but we all know its hard to please everyone. I'll keep sending my friends to you guys for their Airsoft needs.
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