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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
I agree. Honestly, I don't want Shootsoft going out of business because of some pissy fight between a customer and the store.

Internet is a miracle, everyone can see this thread, and whomever sees this thread will start to have a hard time deciding either to do business with shootsoft or not. And it does hurt the store's reputation and business, we only have handful of importers serving entire canada, mistakes do happen.
Yes mistakes DO happen and that's why I didn't post ANY of this until Christian sent me that rude PM!

A store should be responsible for the things they do!

I'm not going to ask for a trade dispute and Im certainly not going to contact anyone in the law, that would just stupid.

But like I said right before you posted, this is a review section! You don't expect all reviews to be good, read any review and it will have it's bad parts.
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