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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
It just was.

Buyer decides to tell his tale of woe... Seller comes back and tells his side.

it is really no one else's business and should have been resolved between them.

1 cock up and unhappy customer does not make a bad retailer.

Its stuff like this that drives people out of the business....
So what was I supposed to do? Just suck up the loss on money and time? Its stuff like this that have made people leave the sport. This is the review section and my review was that I was unhappy with the service.

LeGros said that he wasn't going to refund me any more money even though I only asked for the $30 difference due to shipping.

It wasn't until AFTER I posted this that he offered to refund the entire cost (minus the shipping costs Im sure) after I've waited a month for a bloody airsoft gun that will finally arrive on my door step.

Settled would be an apology and a refund on the $30 which is all I wanted in the first place.
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