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Thank you for finally posting Christian.

As you know we ask for 20 business days before shipping... stock or not!!!
I asked you if I had to wait the 20 days before placing my order and you said there was no wait.

AEG was not broke like it said!!! THIS AEG is in perfect condition!!

You all know and it wrote every where... we do test all china made!!

YES there was an error on the model... We offer to that customer 2 choices!
1. keep it and we will give him a refund
2. or ship it back at our charge and we will send you the right one
If there was no problem with the gun they why did I create a post about it in the Gun Doctor section asking how to fix an RIS that was ready to fall off? And you shipped the wrong model, your mistake, not mine. I shipped the gun back Xpresspost because:

1. That is how you shipped it to me
2. I didn't want to wait the extra week it would take for regular
3. CP states that airsoft/firearms are to be shipped Expediated, Xpress, or Priority
4. You didn't state to ship it back regular

shipping of the new AEG was done around 29 may, that place us before the 20 business days we ask!! AND all with this adventure!
You shipped it the morning of the 29th, AFTER I asked for a refund if the gun wasn't shipped. One of your PM's stated that you had to rest up from an airsoft game and thats why you couldn't ship the gun out earlier. At no time did you state I had to wait up to 20 days to get a REPLACEMENT due to your mistake.

On top of all that Christian you still charged me $70 to ship a gun when your shipping states only $40 to ship and when I asked for a refund on the $30 difference you send me a rude PM. Even now you don't take responsibility for your mistakes....

And why would I refuse the airsoft gun that Ive waited over a month for? Unless it turns out to be the wrong one again lol. You already stated that you have "given me too many refunds"....

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