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Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
I must admit I'm surprised, we got a Real Sword Type 56, a Tm Hi-Capa 5.1 and a CA M15A4 Sportsline from Jay and Christian with no problem, no delay no broken stuff no extra high shipping cost no nothing bad. It went so well for all three guns I offered Jay and Christian a free EA game on any console they want and they still haven't claimed them. Maybe your case was just a combination of bad luck stacked up...
Which is why all I expected was a refund on my extra shipping charged to me and a simple apology for getting the gun out late. Instead I get a nasty PM. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN AND WHEN THEY DO LIVE UP TO IT AND RIGHT YOUR MISTAKES!

For those that might inquire this is from my bank statement:
May 14, 2008 PR GIBSON'S LAKESI $53.64

That is the total cost of shipping the JG 416 Back to him Xpresspost shipping with a signature. I can also take a screenshot of my bank statement showing the above if anyone cares along with a screenshot of the post LeGros sent me showing the $70 total of shipping and not the $30 he is trying to say he charged me.
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