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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I'd say we should see how Drache phrased the PM that lead to LeGROS's reply.

You seem to have all the bad luck with retailers, Drache. You're going to run out of Canadian retailers to buy guns from at this rate.
You are right to point this out as my post was a little on the harsh side due to getting the run around.


If that is the right tracking number than I am not impressed!

You told me the gun was shipped last week and instead that tracking number shows the gun was shipped only two days ago by regular parcel and not the xpresspost I paid for.

I wrote you on the 29th asking for a refund if the gun had not yet been shipped and you told me it was, yet the tracking number shows the gun was shipped on the morning of the 30th.

So if that tracking number is correct then I expect an explanation and a refund for the extra shippings costs that I paid.

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