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arigun with plastic bb ?

Hi ! Everyone. First I'm really sorry if this question has been asked or discussion already, but honestly I'm person who rarely ask question, better use FAQ to find the answer, oops ! couldn't find the answer on that.

I have an airgun that use 4.5 mm steel BBs with 12g CO2 shot 300 fps. Now I'm really broke to buy another WE 1911, so I found out the solution instead of using the 4.5 mm steel BBs, why should I use the 4.5 mm Plastic BBs same as the 6mm BBs that we use on the airsoft, also this gun doesn't shot over FPS limit too when we use 4.5 mm plastic BBs.

So my question is, Will this gun be allowed in the the games ? and if not why ?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers !

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