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There is allot of discussion about how this is just bad luck/timing, miscommunication, etc so I am posting this to clear things up! Im not mad about the gun being shipped late, I am mad that LeGROS charged my $70 to ship this gun Xpresspost, then proceeded to ship it Regular Post (which he only charges $40). When I asked for a refund on the extra shipping I paid he pretty much told me a big "F'off"

I know they have a good rep but sadly I am not pleased with the way they do things.

Well sadly I had a bad experience with! Good customer service to begin with but really dropped the ball!

I contact LeGros about ordering a JG 416 Fullstock and get a quote for gun plus shipping. I asked him what would be easier, ordering through the site or by PM and he said PM.

I place my order for the JG 416 Fullstock with Xpresspost shipping (cost me an extra $30 on top of the regular $40 shipping). I send EMT for full amount and get a response that Jay will ship the gun the very next day.

The JG 416 arrives but the wrong one was sent, I ordered a fullstock and instead got a CQB. We agreed on shipping the gun back to him and I would be refunded shipping costs and forget about the exacto blade stuck to the pistol grip that I sliced my hand on. Nor that the RIS was so loose (and couldn't be tightened) due to a broken piece due to what appears (due to damage) of the gun being dropped. DIDN'T RECEIVE CORRECT TRACKING NUMBER UNTIL DAY IT ARRIVED!

Shipped the JG 416 CQB back by Xpresspost with a cost of $50

JG 416 is delivered to LeGros

Receive a PM saying they have the JG 416 and need my address again. Replied with address same day.

Asked for tracking number and if gun was shipped. Got a reply that they were at a game, gun will be shipped in next couple of days.

I asked once again if the gun had been shipped.

Get a reply say that he will ask Jay.

Asked for my refund on shipping and a refund on the gun if it still had not been shipped out due to be able to buy another JG 416 Fullstock closer.

Get a refund for my $50 shipping costs but to Paypal instead of EMT (?) PM Legros saying that it still hasn't arrived and he hasn't replied back to my latests PM'd even though he was on.

Finally get a response and with a tracking number. Figure gun will arrive tomorrow with the mail. Check tracking number only to find out gun was taken to the post office on 05-30-2008 at 10:15am and shipped Regular Post instead of the Xpresspost I originally paid for. Tracking number states the JG 416 Fullstock wont arrive until 06-06-2008 or 06-09-2008 (Friday or Monday). Awaiting over a month for a simple JG 416 Fullstock, total spent $445 originally.

PM'd LeGros asking for an explanation on why the gun wasn't shipped out until the 30th and asking for a refund on the extra $30 I originally paid for Xpresspost Shipping since the gun was shipped Regular Post.

Received this reply:
I think you have receive more refund than you should have... We have accept to refund you the cost for shipping back... usually it less than 20$... You take the decision to ship it back xpresspost and we refund you 50$!

Now please... don t!!

We have giving you more service than a lot of store!! We normally ask for 20 business days... if it wasn't this error you will have it in 48hrs!! We did accept with no esitation your request to ship back... Now don't tell me we haven't be good with you!! If so please send it back again your AEG and I will be please to do a full refund and we will never trade each others again!!

I really think with the airsoft sitution here in canada you have more than waht you should!!

Try to have a service with 007 and the others retaillers!!! Read around the review...

Than just refuse you package if your not good for you!!

So yes others might have had good relations with them and mine certainly started off that way but soon I was getting my chain yanked. This might seem stupid to others but this is not how business should be run.

UPDATE: 06-01-2008

Now LeGros is really trying to pull things:

Perfect go... they will see We charge you 30$ for xpresspost and we have refund you 50$!!

My reply:
Nice try, you charged me $70 for shipping ($40 normal plus an extra $30 for Xpresspost) yet shipping only came out to $50 when I shipped it back which is what you refunded me.


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