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Originally Posted by Lizander View Post
I ate about half a mouth full once. My class and I were on a bus, coming back from a trip, when I pulled out my airsoft gun. It was a small oneand I started randomly shooting people. Anyways, long story short, after shooting nearly the entire bus load of classmates, one of them started crying cause I had shot them in the hand. The teacher came back and started lectureing us. My friends defended me, and I said none of us had a gun and that she was crazy. Just because of the kind of teacher she was, I thought I had better get rid of the bb's in my gun just incase she asked to see my stuff, and found the gun I could say that there was no ammo. Instead of throwing them on the ground, or out the window, I shoved them in my mouth. I eventually started eating some little jaw breakers that my friend had. I forgot about the bbs and ate them all. The lubricant on the new bb's made me sick for about a week. good times though.

Oh my good god. I hope you are joking.
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