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Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
I got to thinking last night after playing some paintball (Iím still under 18 forgive me) but is there any Canadian airsoft fields with stationary buildings pro shop, canteen ect. The reason I ask is that Iíve found that (by reading up on the history of paintball) the presence of licensed fields raised mass opinion about the sport. So I canít help but deduct that the same might work for airsoft, tell me what you think.
Trust me when I say this topic has been discussed before:

Many airsoft games take place at paintball fields.

Some people own their own airsoft fields.

It is not common for people to rent AEGs or have proshops on field. The gear being what it is (a replica firearm) has a lot of strange legality issues behind it.

There is also not a market for paintball like fields with proshops in Canada. There are only an estimated 5,000 airsofters in Canada total, so infrequent attendance at a field is a worry for potential investors for such a thing.

This is, of course my opinion, and I've done a lot of paraphrasing from what I've learned by reading the forum.
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