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Originally Posted by RadioMan View Post
I was wondering what kind of holster I should buy? I have a medium sized pistol and I just want a cheap SIR holster. Should I get a leg, hip, or shoulder holster?
Cheap and holster should never be used in the same sentance together. Unless say "I got a Safariland 6004 holster for cheap!" Cheap holster means it'll bounce around on your, maybe shift when running/crawling, and will at best give you a 50/50 chance of retaining your pistol. If you spent $300 on your GBB, why cheap out on a holster for $25-50 (rather like, why spend $500 on an AEG only to lug it around in the original cardboard/stryofoam box for two years), only to spend the second half of game day retracing your steps looking through the brush for your pistol?

I've considered 6004 but still love my Blackhawk Omega VI dropleg, great holster that I've never had an issue with.
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