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Platform is a set shape, it WILL stand out, let alone anyone seeing your carrying it will know instantly to look up.

The ONLY part of me when I'm up a tree that doesn't blend in, is my eyes through my goggles. An thats barely visible at that cause I've got my AEG shouldered.

I've gone up the tree's kitted a couple ways. Here's a few pic's of some of my setups.


An this. (Face wasn't covered for the pic's.)

Can't get much more lightweight. BDU's, Camelback and a mag pouched attached to it. Just sling the rifle behind me and get up that tree real friggin quick. To add to that, I'm also an ex gymnast, so going up the tree's is no problem at all.

When I decide before coming to a game I'm gonna go in the tree's, I make sure virtually no part of me is visible for enemy to see.

The two guns I used mostly.

All cadpat up in a tree. Paired with a 400FPS CA33E on semi with a 550mm prometheus 6.03mm tightbore barrel and a G&P can.

Even from 25 feet, my CA33E was very nice and quiet. Up in a tree you don't hear ANYTHING from down on the ground.

I've fired on enemys as close as 30ft from me. (Plus vertical distance, on average 20-45 ft up.)

An this gun goes way back, my old G3A4/ G3SG1

Same deal, 400FPS, PDI 150%, don't remember the brand but was a 6.04mm tightbore, KN? KM? was grey in colour.

2 500 round hicaps, on a good day I don't even go through one whole magazine.

Oh an for shits an giggles I've actually "sniped" with one of my MP5K's.

You'll frigging crack up laughing at this gun.

Oh yes I did! MP5K, KA 14mm adaptor + KA 355mm can.

Hurricane FTK (But with a PDI 150% spring) + Systema 6.04mm AK47 barrel.

To get an idea how goofy this thing was, here's a pic beside a G&P M4A1.

I also had a small pair of pocket size binoculars for spotting targets with, then fire accordingly.

What can I say, I'm a real pain in the ass on the field cause you never know where I'm shooting at you from.

Airsoft Elite black bb's are GODLY!

BTW, to local BC lower mainland players, I refuse to say what tree's are the good ones, you gotta go find them for yourselves. (@ Panther)

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