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Originally Posted by PvtSpartykus View Post
Don't have experience climbing trees in the literal sense of the term but I'd say it'd be uncomfortable to sit in a tee for a longtime. Once you're found you're through though. I mean there's no possible way out unless you jump and shoulder role once you hit the woodland floor. I guess it couldbe useful as a back up position. I know some people would do t in paintball but most of the time they'd scoped out before they could do anything. I'll have to try it if I ever get a sniper rifle.


Lol going back to BC_K's example, maybe you can bring one of the those platforms you put up in trees while hunting to an airsoft game...who knows, it might even work Sniping from a tree would be an interesting tactic...but your right, whenever the guy hiding in the tree is found he would get a mouthful of BB's
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