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Originally Posted by Alex Le Chef View Post
no seriously i asked that to my self the other day

lets say we talking about a m16/m4 only the metal body would not make it ?
Hi ! seriously some part will be seized by custom, but It's depend on the custom who has knowledge in firearm or not. They are not going to risky their job because of that, they may or may not seized the metal body. One more thing, it's also depend on the retailer that you order too. For my experience, last time I order some parts from ehobbyasia cost me around 160 $. we could say, it's accident, because they put the 40 mm G&P grenade in my box ( accident include in price ) and ....etc, It's really freaking me out that my package will be seized. Lucky me ! they didn't even open the box and charge the tax. Another order from redwolf came 2 days later, they opened the box, charge the tax 19.76 for 91.36 $ valve item.


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