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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
I can't advise going up tree to shoot unless dying is part of your plan. Once you are found, there is no whay down without being overkilled.

The best way to engage without being found is to shoot from unexpected places that allow a covered/hidden retreat. Shoot and scoot, especially when you can't outrange your ennemy.
lol when we first started to play "manhunt(variation of hide-in-go seek)" up where we live, hiding in a tree is one of the best hiding spots you can get yourself into too. It was so unlikely that someone would put that much effort into a hiding spot like that, so many people wouldn't even think of looking up in the trees.

I think it would even apply to airsoft. I mean, airsoft snipers don't make that loud of a "bang", so it can be easy to keep your spot in the tree hidden. I'm sure you would even have a slight advantage of the "higher ground" over the airsoft players on the ground. (You can see a bit farther for example).

I guess if you find a good tree to climb with all your gear, you may also want to put together an easy way down incase your position has been given away.

But hey, this is all from a 15 year old who hasn't been to an airsoft game yet, so correct me if I am wrong. Just my 2 cents.
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