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i want one of those rpk 74u's so bad. i was just gonna buy a c-mag for my kraken im working on but then i thought well that just wouldnt be the same
it says it has a full metal body. thats pretty cool, i wonder if the hand guards are real wood though
the c-mag is sound activated which makes me wonder how well it works and how much sound it takes to activate it, like if youre out running around and every loud noise or bump of the gun sets off the winding mech. it says it can use most m4/m16 mags and im like huuuh???
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dont let the elitist gun snobs who only clicked on your post to thread shit tell you other wise (they are OHHHH so helpful here- they wont offer you any help but will be self rightous pricks cause they are CLEARLY 'pros' who overpaid for their guns roflmao)

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