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Agreed for sticky.

Personal tactics and experience aren't generally something shared, let alone you can READ about them, but until practical application is had, it's only knowledge.

I only got my hunting/stalking experience cause I'm a farm raised hick who been in the bushes since I was five years old. The joys of farm land.

If It is possible, get permission to walk around the airsoft field and figure out where stuff is.

The field I play on I know pretty damn well and I know where to be to do what, but that didn't happen over night, took a couple months of playing.

But ya gotta remember to explore as many roles on the "combat field" as you can, learn what sort of tactics work for which situations, then mix them up and apply.

Example. I can go up a tree or IN a tree and provided a quick burst of fire to gather an enemies attention then lure them into a trap, or distract them long enough for another player to get into a good position, or just do what I usually do and pick people off at 100-150ft on semi auto.

Joys of being in the tree's is I have extended range as I have more room for bb drop, so I can really reach out an touch you. Noone see's it coming from above hehe.

Team work is key. I'm generally solo on the field, but I always have the radio on and provide intel when I can.

Anywho it's dinner time, enough talking for now.

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