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Originally Posted by bissa View Post
that is the problem, he is too ignorant to even read this thread. he knows that i am trying to turn him off the pure sniper role, and so he dosent want to read the proof that being a sniper isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Trust me, once he reads this thread, he will think twice before purchasing sniper equipment. Tell him that there are many posts on this thread that state examples and scenerios of playing the sniper role, he will find it very helpful. But hey, if he is that determined...let him make his own decision.

Good Luck

Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
fuck it, let them become 1337 snipers. after a bundle of cash into a sniper kit with no kills and LOTS of deaths they will change their tune. I'd let them make their own mistaken decisions after I have provided ample info regarding the pros and cons.
The only reason I disagree with you is because once they spend a bundle of cash on sniper equipment and find out that they do not like the position of a sniper, they will most likely lose interest in the sport entirely. Which is way I made this thread for those certain individuals...

Some more great posts guys, couldn't ask for more
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