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I was about ready to give up on sniping myself, as all the bolt action rifles I've bought have been inaccurate as hell and would require a large amount of money sunk into them for them to be accurate. However, I gave it one last shot and acquired a JG BAR-10 a month ago. Did a complete clean on the inside (barrel, hopup assembly, cylinder and all), threw in a nineball hopup rubber, modified the airbrake. All in all I've spent about $450 on everything, shipped to my door (gun, parts, and a 3-9X40mm illuminated scope) and she's accurate as hell now! I love her. Every shot goes exactly where I put my crosshairs (out to about 150 feet, then you have to start compensating) and with the airbrake mod done, she's shooting just under 500fps, I'd say.

The JG BAR-10 gets my vote for anyone trying to get their feet wet for sniping and not break the bank!
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