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Originally Posted by PvtSpartykus View Post
Fanticization is m new favourite word!!! to fanticizate, fanticizating... wow the possibilities are endless! (Sorry I have this thing with made up words see. It's just the euh.. how can I say this..hmmm I like them, that's pretty much all I got ) Anyhow good one

I can see how that would be appealing though, putting a bead through a little gap at a distance of 30 meters sounds absolutely magnificent. Although, don't you get fatigued of having to wait long lapses of time before firing at a target? I know I would. In addition the bulky ghillie creates an added element of movment restriction. I need to run in order to find anything interesting(I run marathon and jog regularily so I become antzy) if I'm in the same position for toolong, which I suppose is bad quality when you happen to be pined.

The M24 is probably the most beautiful sniper rifle because there are so many available custom options. Although I do like the MK96, the stock is utterly stunning.

Thank you for your interesting commentary and description


If I know a target is right there, I don't mind waiting with the crosshairs on the spot I saw him or part of his body pop out. Not like I wait half an hour or so, generally it's a couple mins at the most.

And yes, movement with a ghillie on is slow, largely because of getting caught up on branches and shit, is why I rarely actually wear my ghillie. Yes, you may ask when I decide to wear it, largely when I see a use for it, and also have the set up time to use it. For the most part it's used beginning of the day for a couple or more hours, recon/observation, then later will take it off and go the rest of the day in my BDUs. Think the only times I've worn it all day was for sniper games where there was a need for it, like being hunted or there were objectives for the sniper to accomplish.
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