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Originally posted by CDN_stalker

I guess what led me to it was the enjoyable "noob fanticization" thoughts (a year before my first game actually) of moving with a squad of guys, get ambushed by another group, pinned down and under fire, inching my way to a firing position, getting a bead on body parts through little holes in between walls and branches, and doing the precision shooting thing, and gradually taking them out. And lo and behold, it turned into a reality. Is all about the shooting as best as one can, I've always been a great shot with anything that projects something, so it just carried over.
Fanticization is m new favourite word!!! to fanticizate, fanticizating... wow the possibilities are endless! (Sorry I have this thing with made up words see. It's just the euh.. how can I say this..hmmm I like them, that's pretty much all I got ) Anyhow good one

I can see how that would be appealing though, putting a bead through a little gap at a distance of 30 meters sounds absolutely magnificent. Although, don't you get fatigued of having to wait long lapses of time before firing at a target? I know I would. In addition the bulky ghillie creates an added element of movment restriction. I need to run in order to find anything interesting(I run marathon and jog regularily so I become antzy) if I'm in the same position for toolong, which I suppose is bad quality when you happen to be pined.

The M24 is probably the most beautiful sniper rifle because there are so many available custom options. Although I do like the MK96, the stock is utterly stunning.

Thank you for your interesting commentary and description


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