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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
Stalker, if half the stuff that's concocted on this forum about you is true, you doubtless fall into a similar category. Noobs like looking up to mythical figures. People like you give us something to aspire to...even if alot of it is mired in myth.
Most of the stuf comes off the field, word of mouth, is rather funny to hear sometimes. I do the modest thing and say it's all largely myth, allows me to be lazy and not have to try to hard to live up to some over inflated reputation. Lol

Originally Posted by PvtSpartykus View Post
Better ideed; Much better. I fully understand what you mean, now. Very well conveyed if I do say so myself your description was very illuminating and made allusion to very concrete real life examples. in all sincerety, I do think that I tend to slightly undermine snipers because I'm jealous ofthe beauty of their guns, bwaha! Even if I did have the patience to be a sniper (something I have yet to find out snice I have never occupied that position), I don't think being alone or with just one other person would satisfy me. I'm more of a team player myself, I suppose.

CDN_stalker: Just out of curiosity, wha s it exactly that attracted you to that position?

thank you, truely, for the additional explanations,

Dunno really, just being a non-existant sneaky bastard was a start, and I'm talking all my life, before airsoft (always had an ability to approach friends from the side, say hi and scare the shit outta them, yet it wasn't my intention). Also been really good at using camo since I was a kid playing war (ya, 30years ago).

I guess what led me to it was the enjoyable "noob fanticization" thoughts (a year before my first game actually) of moving with a squad of guys, get ambushed by another group, pinned down and under fire, inching my way to a firing position, getting a bead on body parts through little holes in between walls and branches, and doing the precision shooting thing, and gradually taking them out. And lo and behold, it turned into a reality. Is all about the shooting as best as one can, I've always been a great shot with anything that projects something, so it just carried over.

I'll say this though, my first airsoft gun was an Omega 93R, and that got me hooked and looking around for info about airsoft, found ASC, found games and a community here in Ottawa. Then I bought a TM G17 springer, a Crosman P99 springer (best flyswatter I've ever owned within 10ft), then a KSC M11A1, then my CA M24.................. then I got my first AEG, a TM MP5A5. So the M24 has always been my companion ever since I started, she's always with me and rather funny, there have been times I've left it at base, or whatnot, and seen PERFECT opportunities to use it, hence my having it on my back 98% of the time.

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