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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Seeing this word "Glorified" makes me think of a few things I'd like to bounce off you guys (gonna talk airsoft here):

Am taking some shots in the dark largely, based upon what I've seen and heard, and what my impression is of others when around me (many hope and say so that they don't want to be in my sights, yet it's funny, in my modest opinion, I haven't gotten a shitload of kills with my rifle, the whole thing with me is largely overinflated legend based upon exagerated stories, but still, I show up at a field and it makes some on the other team neervous, and others on my team gald they aren't on the other team. I just have to show up really. Oh ya, it tends to be newer palyers that are in awe and fear, vets tend to be "Ya, ok, big deal". which is fine by me, better for me for them to forget I'm there), I'd like to hear from others what their view of being around someone that is rather good at sniping, seeing their gear and not seeing them out there but hearing the shit snipers can stir up on their own.

Any takers?
All your "true?" statements are true.

My impression of snipers is largely influenced by our unit's marksman, callsign 47. Also known as Temple_47 on these forumes.

Now, 47 has always been a sneaky guy. When we trained at lunch in the woods behind our school (no weapons, just camo) to get a feel for squad movement and concealment, he always volounteered to be the "rabbit." He got a 30 sec headstart, then we came looking. We rarely found him before he'd "killed" most of the team. (by calling out "ok you're shot" when we got too close.) This one time he was about five feet away from me and I didn't see him. And that was just CADPAT, no ghillie. Maybe I suck as looking, but that can't be all of it. He's also killed from cover where no one knew where the hell he was till it was too late a few times. Most notably when I was looking for him and suddenly felt a BB hit my arm, and also when between the two of us we took out a 6 man squad. Pine stands FTW. So that's just concealement.

Accuracy, he's either the luckiest or most accurate guy I've ever meant. Seeing as how he was recommended for sniper school after qualifying expert with his C7, I think it's the latter. (That they gave him the C9 in the meantime is a source of confusion to me.) Sure he claims he got lucky the time he hooked a BB AROUND a tree, using the wind to hit the enemy CO in the side of the head from about 100ft away, but the 150ft shot on Relja was no fluke. I TOLD the bastard to get down when I heard the bolt on his M24 go back...

I will admit that I'm someone who looks up to those who have greater ability or experience than myself, and sometimes perceive things as being greater than they are. So take the above with a grain of salt. Either way, those are my experiences as I remember them, and I will always hold 47 in the highest regard because of it. He's a quality guy, a great player, and almost a squad unto himself. Stalker, if half the stuff that's concocted on this forum about you is true, you doubtless fall into a similar category. Noobs like looking up to mythical figures. People like you give us something to aspire to...even if alot of it is mired in myth.
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