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Am taking some shots in the dark largely, based upon what I've seen and heard, and what my impression is of others when around me (many hope and say so that they don't want to be in my sights, yet it's funny, in my modest opinion, I haven't gotten a shitload of kills with my rifle, the whole thing with me is largely overinflated legend based upon exagerated stories, but still, I show up at a field and it makes some on the other team neervous, and others on my team gald they aren't on the other team. I just have to show up really. Oh ya, it tends to be newer palyers that are in awe and fear, vets tend to be "Ya, ok, big deal". which is fine by me, better for me for them to forget I'm there), I'd like to hear from others what their view of being around someone that is rather good at sniping, seeing their gear and not seeing them out there but hearing the shit snipers can stir up on their own.
well ive only played one game with a "sniper" and throughout the day i was both on his team and against him.

i got to watch the accuracy of which he took out targets and be on the receiving end ( didnt hit me but scared the living shit out of me )

Sha Do, cheerful though you may be you scare me

off topic - CA g36ks do have a really really nice finish ( i just sold mine :'( )
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...stalker's gonna kill you....and you wont even see it coming! Hell, he'll kill you and god himself will be going, "Where the hell did that come from!?" CDN_Stalker should just be the new god!

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