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* Snipers seem to be looked at in this way because of the confidence of doing their thing by themselves or with another, without being among a group or 6-12 guys for support. True?

* Snipers tend to work on, upgrade and tune their own guns, because a lot of the time it's the same thing as packing one's own parachute. Makes them much more in tune with the way their gun shoots, best ammo choices, etc. True?
More than others? There are many things to adjust on any assault rilfe especially if you have under barrel attachments such an M203, master key, etc. which are not usually found on sniper calss rifles. I'm not sure I quite understand what it is you are trying to convey, would you mind clarifying your point so that my slowly processing insomniac brain can understand (yes, It's 5:00am here and Combine is fast asleep as I get the great satisfaction of yet another sleepless night).

* Patience: Too many players like the run and gun aspect, go to an area for the kills. Not always so for mil-sim players, but snipers can and tend to be rather mil-sim in the way the act, techniques and skills, rather than being skirmishers for the most part. True?
True, agreed and largly accurate.

Am taking some shots in the dark largely, based upon what I've seen and heard, and what my impression is of others when around me (many hope and say so that they don't want to be in my sights, yet it's funny, in my modest opinion, I haven't gotten a shitload of kills with my rifle, the whole thing with me is largely overinflated legend based upon exagerated stories, but still, I show up at a field and it makes some on the other team neervous, and others on my team gald they aren't on the other team. I just have to show up really. Oh ya, it tends to be newer palyers that are in awe and fear, vets tend to be "Ya, ok, big deal". which is fine by me, better for me for them to forget I'm there), I'd like to hear from others what their view of being around someone that is rather good at sniping, seeing their gear and not seeing them out there but hearing the shit snipers can stir up on their own.
Oh, you edited this well was going to ask to clarify that statement but I guess there's no need .

Euh, Personally I don't have very much experience being around an experienced sniper in an Airsoft field. When I was an avidpaintball player, I use to play with a sniper on some PSI outdoor fields that was rather good. There were many times where had to pit my tippman 98 custom with stock and extended barrel against his modified rifle and most ofthe time would win when I got close enough to his location. Let me say that at first glance he didn't seem to bother me that much but, now, I look for snipers everytime I cycle covers. I especially hate fiel with hills. At PSI outdoor (located in Gatineau) there's a field called hamburger hill (named afer the real one). When he was at the top, it took me an average of 25-32 minutes to get to the top,as oppose to 7-15 minutes. When he was around I nver volunteered to be the V.I.P. Where as, usually I love being V.I.P because I like running aroundwith no gun.

Honeslty, I have yet to play with a sniper that I fear but I do know not to under estimate them. Then again, this sniper was not very accurate and he also had a paintball gun set to 220FPS, which is a joke really considering paintballs offer more wind resistance when traveling through an air medium and are heavier. You on the other hand, have a personalized, custom sniper capable of firing in the range of 400-450 Fps with 0.2g BBs that travel a fair distance. Let's just say tha I'd check the environning area with at least a 3X scope in all directions of interest thoroughly in order to minimize contact with you/your gun/your bullets. But we'll have to see when I get back from Norway and we get to play a real game together.

Oh, by the way, I've changed from echo1 to Ca for my G36K it'll cost me about 90$ more but I held the CAG36K at Wasteland (the store in Norway I forwarded you) and I realized that I couldn;t purchase a weapon with inferior finish to that of the CA model, it would be blasphemy!

Yours truely,

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