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These are just my own opinions as I view them:

Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Seeing this word "Glorified" makes me think of a few things I'd like to bounce off you guys (gonna talk airsoft here):

* Snipers seem to be looked at in this way because of the confidence of doing their thing by themselves or with another, without being among a group or 6-12 guys for support. True?
Nope. Just a different way of playing the game. There are times when I quite enjoy working with a squad and when I quite enjoy sneaking around with one or two other people.

* Snipers tend to work on, upgrade and tune their own guns, because a lot of the time it's the same thing as packing one's own parachute. Makes them much more in tune with the way their gun shoots, best ammo choices, etc. True?
True. I tend to look at most people who take the sniping role seriously as experts when it comes to working on airsoft guns, and will defer to them for upgrade/mod/troubleshooting advice.
* Snipers make their own ghillies, and set them up as they need to to work in certain areas. Possible admiration for lots of the skills involved with being a respectable sniper among peers?
Partially. I think it takes a lot of patience to make a ghillie -I'd never do it, but on the other hand, that role isn't for me. IMO it's another aspect of the hobby. I would view someone who takes a lot of time to set up their tacvest perfectly and effectively in a similar way.
* Patience: Too many players like the run and gun aspect, go to an area for the kills. Not always so for mil-sim players, but snipers can and tend to be rather mil-sim in the way the act, techniques and skills, rather than being skirmishers for the most part. True?
Not really. Again, it's just another way to play the game. If people love sneaking around, all the power to them. If people love running and gunning, same thing.
Am taking some shots in the dark largely, based upon what I've seen and heard, and what my impression is of others when around me, I'd like to hear from others what their view of being around someone that is rather good at sniping, seeing their gear and not seeing them out there but hearing the shit snipers can stir up on their own.
Any takers?
I think I'd view anyone who is effective in their chosen role similarily. I think being a very good sniper/recon is probably a more difficult role than some of the others, but again, it's what you choose to do. I'd have more respect for a player who is very good at assaulting fixed positions over one that is mediocre as a sniper any day.

Hope that helps.

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