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Originally Posted by Lorden View Post
Yeah I got half my appartment stolen 6 months ago -- Lost about 3k worth of stuff. Then one day at around 1pm while I was sleeping, the guy broke in AGAIN. Woke up, grabbed my hunting knife and caught the guy with my brand new PS3 in his hands. He was real careful with it with 8 inches of steel at his throat. Then I kicked him out. I was so hyped up on adrenaline it took me 40 minutes to calm down enough to call the cops. God knows what would have happened if he's tried to make a move...any move other than the peaceful way he left the house that day.

Lisa -- You're right about the laws being against us in Canada. In the States they have a 'Castle' clause that states that you can get away with murder in your own home if you're invaded and it's in self-defense. In Canada if a guy breaks in your house and falls down your stairs through his own bad luck, he can sue you (civil courts) for the medical bills.
The Castle law doesn't actually apply in every state. IIRC, it actually only applies in a minority of them.

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