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Originally Posted by WarHawk109 View Post
definetly getting a gun locker when I scrape some money together, something I can bolt to the wall.

once i get that, get a PAL and a handgun so I can REALLY defend my home from intruders.
So far you've only had intruders come when you weren't home. You think having a PAL and a hand gun will help when you aren't home? With the restrictions required for a hand gun you wouldn't have time to grab it, unlock it, load it (and i forget if the ammo has to be locked up or just kept seperate and i'm too lazy to double check). by the time you knew you were being intruded you would either be subdued (ie some one came to the door and you answered) or you would be having your gun used against you. And if you used said gun against a burglar our laws would be against you. having a gun wouldn't be a deterent since most people don't have them, particularly in cities, and if you advertised that you had a gun it might actually make you a target. plus with the required club fees to own a pistol (what? did you think you could just buy one with a pal? you need an RPal and membership in a gun club to own one), it would be cheaper to own a big dog and have an alarm system. gun ownership isn't cheap.

Do get a gun locker for your airsoft, it won't stop a thief but it will slow them down and make them move onto easier targets like your iPod and laptop. Locks don't stop thieves but they slow them down.

Also rereading your original post, if it was just your airsoft that was gone you were robbed by some one you know.
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