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Originally Posted by Lisa
Who's going to come when the alarm goes off? Thieves know they have 15 minutes to grab and go.

When my folks got burgled my mom asked if an alarm would have helped, the insurance adjuster said buy a loud dog.
Originally posted by coghlan
A pro on a secluded street might stick around, but no amatuer is going to stick around once an exterior siren starts howling.
I disagree, similar to Lisa, I've had an encouter where the crooks stole what they could before the police arrived. Also, when choosing insurances, you get the option of which force is sent to most immediately: private police (supplied by the insurance agency; essentially the insurace company's 'police' force), The municipa police force or the emergency services such as ambulance and firefighters. According to my X-English teacher with whom I used to speak avidly about a plethora of subjects (yes, I used plethora in a post!) and who had previousy been employed by the Ottawa police warden to evaluate the police men entering the police force through the program offered at Carleton university, the candidates that 'didn't make the cut' when asked the essay question "why do you want to be a law enforcer" went in to private home security. The candidates in question would answer the question with statements such as: "I really want those cool looking glasses", " I want to shoot someone", "I want to hold a real gun" and even "I want to night-stick someone so they learn to respect the law". If that kind of a person was to be the firt person on the scene, not only would I be doubtful tat they would catch the culprit, I ask myself the question: would he really care at all?

again, I'm sorry for your loss and I am not joking when I say that it was tradgic!


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