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Convinsing your Cousin

The line that I bolded was just like my cousin.If he ever does get into airsoft, he wants to play the "glorified" position that everyone loves him for. He also thinks that the opposing players will simply run up towards his fortified and far away spot; I know see why you would want to play with less experienced players the first time you try out the sniper role.
Players who are new to this game wuld think that eliminating all the opposition by themselves would qualify as glorifying. In reality that isn't true. If your cousin wereto eliminate everyone, playing the role of sniper, I'm sure everyone on his team would purely be annoyed. Firstly, because he eliminated everyone by himself and left no opposing forces for the others to deal with, causing team mates to feel relatively useless. Further, because the sniper is a more individual position in relation to the team dynamic. These factors coupled together introduce a new element of frustration: Anyone playing this game would agree that we choose this over paintball because we want to be involved in squad based tactical game, right? In the process of eliminating the countering forces and as a sniper, which is a seemingly 'lone-wolf' position, a sniper would have little contact with his team in reason of constantly moving about to avoid C.Q.C with the enemy; consequently, by 'stealing' all the eliminating shots and having little contact with team members one could regard this player as someone that is uninterested in playing in a squad and would be more suited for a sport such as paintball (yes, you've guessed it, paintball is MY petpeeve. Don't get me wrong it's not boring it just doesn't come close to airsoft in terms of.... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Where as I (for example) am content in having a lesser amount of eliminations for myself and find my self gratification in the puirsuit of accomplishing task that could be considered useful for my team.

You are right Armandhammer, it seems that novices often have the tendency to 'go right for the sniper class'. It's unfortunate but most likely unavoidable because of socio-cultural influences. In my opinion the best we can do is educate people on tactics that are often employed in real airsoft combat scenarios, emphasizing the snipers roles to demonstrate how much effort a sniper must be willng to dispense in order to get one meager elimination (as crucial as it maybe). Also, showing off beautiful assault rifles might help stear them away from the sniper position if they could see that not only sniper rifles/weapons can look devastaing.

Once that is done your cousin needs some serious time to decided wether he is still willing to invest in a sniper grade rifle (which is often expensive). An airsoft gun (especially in canada) is not a small investment, it takes a longtime to decide what model is right for yourself. Much care must be placed in the research and care of guns. Also, your cousin has to be aware that all tactics he will be learning will be sniper based, which, in many cases, are slightly demanding patience wise. Many times, a sniper will have to wait for the assault and support groups to take out enemies before advancing to a comfortable position; all the while, maintaining a covert position lying on the wet, humid forest ground with a heavy ghilliesuit on; sweating, exhausted, bored, frustrated from waiting, frustrated from having not fired a single round until 15 minutes in to the game and most likely (if your playing against a good team) missing the first shot in reason of the enemy cover-fire being too strong. Really, you should demonstrate these facts to your cousin and see if he still prefers an M24 over an M4 or M249.

best of luck informing your cousin and my sincerest wishes in your reseach for the gun that you will eventually purchase when you come of age,


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